Black, White, or Surprisingly Green? Transforming Old Coal to New Green Hydrogen at the Intermountain Power Project

Series: The Future of Electricity
Date: 6-24-2021
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM CT

Green hydrogen may very well be the holy grail of the green and reliable bulk electric system that is a precondition to electrification and thus GHG reduction. In just the last year, green hydrogen has gone from the fringes to the center of the energy conversation. Case in point, Southern California municipal utilities and their partners in Utah are making that happen in the repowering of the Intermountain Power Project. From coal today to natural gas and green hydrogen in 2025 to 100% green hydrogen by 2035, both integrating massive amounts of renewables as well as being increasingly GHG-free itself. That’s a game-changer – maybe a world-changer.

But green hydrogen itself is not a production resource. It is a storage resource. How to get the high capacity factor renewable energy to make the green hydrogen? The answer is time-diversified renewable resources brought together over distances using interregional HVDC electric transmission. And as the presenters have written in Greenbiz, Power Engineering, The Electricity Journal and elsewhere, green hydrogen and the associated renewables may also be a great way for coal-based and rural communities to reboot their economies. That’s a life-changer for a lot of hard-working people, communities, and economies that are being left behind today.


Presented by:
Bob Schulte, Principal at Schulte Associates LLC
Lincoln Bleveans, Executive Director – Sustainability & Energy Management at Stanford University

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