Cogeneration Benefits & Critical Design Elements


Series: Pushing the Power Generation Envelope
Date: 09-30-2020

Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems increase overall fuel efficiency by using a single fuel source to generate both heat and electricity. Cogeneration not only lowers annual operating costs, it reduces emissions, making facilities more sustainable. Cogeneration also provides back-up power, allowing a facility to run on island mode in the case of a power outage.

Cat dealers have been installing and maintaining CHP solutions since the 1960’s! At this session you will hear from experienced Cat dealer Marty Hopkins from Peterson Power Systems who has over 20 years of experience in the Power Industry. Marty will talk about the key benefits of CHP and bring in a long-time customer from the West Coast. Jack McKenna from Carter Cat brings over 45 years of experience and he will discuss critical design elements of successful CHP installations. To learn more about Caterpillar’s CHP projects visit

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