Hydrogen in Action - Latest advancements on H2 Infrastructure and Integration

Series: The Future of Electricity
Date: 6-23-2021
Time: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM CT

The future looks promising for green hydrogen. As both a clean fuel and an efficient energy carrier, hydrogen can help solve daunting decarbonization challenges while revitalizing local economies. For example, instead of going unused by electricity grids, surplus renewable energy can be directed toward hydrogen production and stored for later use in hard-to-abate sectors like long-haul transport. This versatility is one of the reasons a new report from Bank of America projects that hydrogen could meet nearly a quarter of global energy needs by 2050 and reduce carbon emissions by a third.

In 2020, Plug Power solidified its global leadership position in green hydrogen solutions and built the foundation to lead the emerging $10T hydrogen economy. Plug Power is the largest user of liquid hydrogen. Even more so, the company has made a commitment to be a major player in the generation of green hydrogen with plans to achieve 500T of capacity daily in the US by 2025, 1,000T globally by 2028.

Green hydrogen is formed using renewable energy with electrolyzers to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen storage captures the power of clean energy for later use. Large-scale hydrogen fuel cells offer customers zero-emission green energy for applications ranging from data centers to microgrids and even utility-scale power production. This webinar will explore Plug Power’s capabilities as a vertically-integrated company able to provide full solutions for myriad project requirements. We will discuss challenges and opportunities, the hydrogen landscape as it applies to Plug Power, and how we’re helping customers move from carbon-intensive to zero carbon operations.


Presented by:
Darin Painter, VP Stationary Sales at Plug Power

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plug power

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