Part Two: Achieving Net Zero Carbon while Maintaining a Reliable Power Supply


Series: Destination 2050: Achieving Zero Carbon and Reliability
Date: 11-09-2020

Georgia and its largest electricity provider, Georgia Power, are bullish on the future of nuclear power and its contribution to net zero carbon and system reliability. Tim Echols, Vice Chairman of Georgia’s Public Service Commission will discuss from a regulator’s point of view if, when and how the industry will get to zero carbon, as well as how he expects Vogtle Units 3 and 4 and future nuclear technology to contribute. Jeremiah Haswell, Georgia Power’s project oversight director for the Vogtle expansion, will talk about the mammoth project and how he believes nuclear power will play into parent company, Southern Company’s, future generation plans. In addition, Noah Meeks, senior research engineer at Southern Company will discuss the utility’s exploration into hydrogen and how it might play into future generation plans, including it’s possible relationship with nuclear power.


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