Piecing Together the New Energy Mosaic: Peakers and Combined Cycle with Low/No Carbon Fuels and CCUS

Date: October 27, 2021
Time: 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM CT
Series: Gas-Fired Power’s Role in the Energy Transition

The power generation mix of the future will certainly emit far less carbon than in decades prior. And it will contain a large portion of renewable energy technologies. But it will not be a mix of just three or four ingredients to achieve net-zero goals by Destination 2050—it will contain multitudes. The race to decarbonization will take not only wind, solar and energy storage, but baseload and thermal power along for the ride. The gas-fired transition to hydrogen plays a tremendous role, while conventional combined cycle gas turbine will remain an integral part of the future generation portfolio. To that end, carbon capture projects are being implemented and future ones explored in the all-hands-on-deck struggle to clean our air and yet provide stable electricity for our people. This session will include Black & Veatch’s extensive work in all of these areas, with other experts in the field sharing experiences and visions on the operational side of the baseload path to low and no carbon.


Presented by:
Brian Reinhardt, Project Manager, Global Power Generation at Black & Veatch
James Brown, Project Development Lead at Capital Power
Mark Barry, Program Manager at Long Ridge Energy Generation

Sponsored by:

Black & Veatch

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