The Inside Scoop On Getting Projects Done in New York's Community Solar Market


Series: Renewables and Energy Storage
Date: 10-21-2020

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), there are community solar projects located in 39 states (plus Washington D.C.), and 20 states (plus Washington D.C.) have policies that support community solar as of June 2020.

Community solar projects represent 2.6 GW of total installed capacity, and about 74% of the total market is concentrated in the top four states, one of which is New York. How community solar became one of the hottest markets in the state is an interesting story, and this panel knows that story from the inside. Explore how to get a community solar project done in New York, not only meeting the challenges of working in the state head on but also dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and its specific trials as well. Gain insights on all aspects of the project from those who know it best – the developer, financier and the utility who made it happen.

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